Litigation solution

• Understanding, enumeration and classification of the extent of litigation
• Identification of changes, unforeseen and improductivités
• Real Re-measurement starts and re-estimation of quantities project
• Reconstruction Project History & Research justifications
• Establishing the validity of well-founded, responsibilities and accountability
• Estimate and negotiation of the value of change, unforeseen, improductivités
• Revaluation of the master schedule, incorporating changes to the original schedule
• Analysis of delays and impacts on the critical path
• Analysis and preparation of direct costs allocated indirect &
• Analysis and recommendation of strategies complaint or claim against,
• Mortgage Assistance in legal, arbitration and mediation

Civilco team guides and provides services to its customers and partners (governmental and para-governmental organizations, private companies, engineering firms, building contractors, contractor, attorney firm, etc.) in achieving their construction projects and very specifically in the processes of management and administration tightened changes & contingencies, which have become over the years the main causes overruns schedule and costs.