Our History

Following the completion of several major projects in Quebec, Canada and the United States as Project Manager, Luc Croisetiere founded Civilco in 2001, a firm that works in construction and management of projects, and as a consultant in solving disputes and claims in the field of construction and civil engineering.

With over twenty years of experience, Mr. Croisetière acquired the art of project management and multiplied successes of several major works in the Mining sector, Hydro Electric, Oil, Bridges and Tunnels, great Road Construction, heavy  Industrial, Substations, Municipal Engineering, Telecommunications, prefabrication plants, Commercial and Institutional. He was tirelessly involved in quantitative analysis and further work, the analysis of delays, well-founded and direct and indirect costs, and the preparation of claims, negotiations with clients, designers and contractors, arbitration and mediation.

Civilco was able to develop and offer a personalized approach to dispute resolution, helpful and based on the origin of unforeseen changes during the execution of a construction project. This concrete and tangible approach allows opposing parties to understand their responsibility and accountability for the origins of cost overruns and delays, which helps to achieve quick and strong regulations both for general contractors, subcontractors, and for public and private developers, architects and engineers.

To broaden her expertise and cover many other construction sectors, Civilco continues its growth with the acquisition of talented experts in different fields of construction and consulting engineering, besides the large pool of candidates project management developed over the years. Moreover, Civilco continues, individually and collectively, to build strong business relationships with its customers and expand its range of services by leveraging its multidisciplinary talents.

Civilco inspires, over the next few years to become one of the pillars recognized the perfect management of construction projects, and the reference in the resolution of disputes and complaints and, in complete independence, transparency and impartiality vis-à -vis of the designers and contractors involved in projects and in the settlement process.


Luc Croisetiere, CEO.
Construction Project Manager / Dispute Resolution
Development of software – Application for big construction sites
Certified Appraiser, ESCQ – AEÉCQ

RBQ : 5693-0506-01